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"We have emerged as a creative and strategic software company and believe in combining the power of technology, analytic, creative and content for digital transformation."
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Over the past 5 years, PR has changed - and radically. No longer could be the discipline just a matter of calling your favourite editors and placing stories strategically for the clients (although we still do this) or writing our planet's pithiest news release (we still accomplish that too), content-rich copy is increasingly valuable.

Interest in social media is on the increase and the whole field is clearly presenting a challenge to brand owners and managers. After all, social media marketing does represent a huge shift away from traditional marketing because it allows interaction and dialogue between brand name and consumer, as opposed to the brand talking to the individual whether they wish to listen or otherwise not.

Don't remove pages that were added specifically for SEO reasons. It's undoubtedly the best thing to regularly update the website: Google will recognise this being a positive. But it is never best if you remove pages that have been put there specifically with SEO in your mind. If you do remove the pages, then several 404 page not found errors will appear inside their place. And Google doesn't appreciate them.

Don't remove redirects. If a page is renamed or removed without being redirected then a lot more 404 page not found errors can look, so we already remarked that Google doesn't like them. Redirects are essential to carry over any 'link juice' from old pages to new pages. Even worse: in the event you remove redirects and end up having duplicate pages then Google will really not look kindly in it.

The internet offers small enterprises a true possibility to tackle a number of the biggest names in their industries. Whereas expensive adverts in print media will be the preserve of wealthy corporations, the internet can be quite a great leveller. A three-month SEO contract can cost as little as three individual adverts in local newspapers - and will give you both a bigger audience the other that's prone to convert. Search users who may have already expressed an interest in products offered by your business may be assigned your company as an option to larger competitors.

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