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Love and get hurt, then love and get hurt again. Love and get hurt even more but still, love and get hurt again. It must be an addictive cycle that keeps us entertained. The only frightening part is when we feel that it is like the end of the world, we may stop loving even ourselves to the point of just ending everything.

When we listen to a depressing song, we may lose hope. The pain can be too much to bear. But it should not be the case. The depressing song may exaggerate real life experiences. Some hard love songs may emphasize the part of life where loving is hurtful, so it is better not to love at all.

On a positive note, we may get the feeling that we are not alone. We are not the only creatures on earth that get such kind of affliction. Some lyrics may even teach us how we can have a better ending than the ones portrayed in any hard love song.

It is really dependent on where the listener is coming from, but it is highly recommended to just keep the depressing songs playing and keep reflecting on how less depressing our life can be.

Love and get hurt then listen and love again. You may get hurt, but not only because of loving next time around.

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