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"You are a Zombie warrior, your goal is to stay alive before the sun rises. Eat the flying brains and gigantic snails to delay day break. Watch out for the sword wielding aliens and high speed levels!"
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Zombies are the trend these days, even giving those tired vampires a run because of their money. Zombies are everywhere in popular culture, even seizing a few of the great classics of literature, case in point, the mash up novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a Victorian tale spun using the decaying flesh of zombies. Plus you'll find zombie-inspired game titles, movies, music videos and television shows. For example, AMC carries a brand new series called The Walking Dead which premiered on October 31, 2010 (Halloween, needless to say). Already a hit with horror-genre fans, this show takes the common zombie story and updates it for the modern viewer with great yet grim humor.

There are several excellent zombie games on the net - and you will feel lucky correctly, you only need look for and play. There are several zombie flash games - and I really love them. Take your weapon and make your individual way, trying to survive. In some games, you may need drive cars, on other occasions, just kill the number of zombies you can. Chose one finally, enjoy yourself.

A zombie attack can break up and destroy society so every individual who treasures life on the planet should have a look at the very best zombie survival guide. An outbreak might be confined in a tiny town in the beginning but can immediately engulf the whole planet within a few years as well as months, ultimately causing the apocalypse.

Of course, not every zombie films focus on the survival areas of a possible epidemic. Some zombie movies are comedies. So what is the appeal there? Well, I think zombies are a good way for us to shatter the taboo of death. After all, we're all going to die eventually. Those include the grim facts. By watching zombie movies, we could assuage our anxieties about the inevitable end. Perhaps some of use even need to become zombies ourselves.

Zombies are sleepwalkers, automatons, robots. Zombies are humans who walk the top of the earth without realizing that these are dead. Like the living, Zombies generally have the same basic needs: food, clothing and shelter. However, Zombies function in a state of paralysis that when witnessed through the living sometimes appears like a drug induced trance - a trance leaving them seemingly incapable of making decisions that could improve the quality lifestyle and grow their condition.

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