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Cat Grooming Singapore: Brushing, Bathing and Trimming

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Cats are known to lick themselves clean. However, this might not prove to be sufficient to keep them looking neat and clean. As a cat owner, you must also do your bit to keep your cat’s hygiene at its best. So you need to learn some simple cat grooming tips that will help you achieve your goals. Cats with short hair don’t require as much cat grooming as those whose hair is long. However, it’s still necessary that you perform cat grooming twice a week in the case of short haired cats and daily in the case of cats that have long hair.

Proper cat grooming Singapore helps to ensure that your pet remains free from ticks and fleas and it also give the owner a chance to inspect the cat for signs of abnormalities such as inflamed skin or bald spots. Pet owners can also ensure their cat’s good health by keeping their pet’s hair well washed and neat and also by combing and trimming the hair regularly.

Another aspect of good cat grooming involves ensuring that the cat’s hair does not ball up or become matted. If it does, you need to be very careful when cutting the matted hair, which you should do with the help of cat grooming scissors. Be careful that you don’t puncture or scratch your pet’s skin.
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When brushing your cat’s hair you will need to choose a brush that has lots of tiny pins on it and which also has a small head to ensure easier brushing. Proper cat grooming Singapore also requires that you brush the cat’s hair in the direction of the hair growth. If you don’t, you may end up with a very angry cat who will snarl at you because of the discomfort caused when you brush in the wrong direction.

Bathing your cat is an important aspect of proper cat grooming. For best results makes sure to use a towel as well as a tiny carrier with which to keep your cat calm during his bath. You need to use a good cat shampoo that will provide a good lather. The shampoo you use must also be able to ease dryness and flaking on your cat’s skin.

To get the best results from your cat grooming endeavors you’ll also need to buy some cat grooming tools. This includes a metal comb, an essential tool that must, at the very least, have wide-set as well as rounded teeth. This type of comb is not expensive and readily available.Trimming your cat’s hair is also an essential part of cat grooming and it requires using a proper pair of grooming scissors along with a comb to prevent accidental puncturing or scratching of your cat’s delicate skin.

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