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"Karina Moore - a fresh, talented, confident, naturally articulate British female voiceover artist creating interesting and engaging voice overs."
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For the past few years, I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of enjoying an exciting and wonderful career being a Voice Talent. Because I have this kind of desire for voice acting, it naturally drives me to wish to have success and see my opportunity flourish. Most people, when I let them know what I do as a living, simply shake their heads in amazement and exclaim how cool it ought to be to acquire paid "just for using my voice". I smile, shake my head vehemently, and agree. But, as most of us in the market know, the fun part of with your voice is probably only 20% of the job! The rest includes everything else that is needed to use and look after an effective business. A large section of that is knowing the best way to market yourself to generate new business, as well as having a highly effective plan to nurture and sustain existing business relationships.

Instead of rushing in the market to find a professional with your industry to learn your script, instead consider the message you try to portray using the promo. Is the promo looking to convey an easy hearted message, perhaps about a new television comedy coming to your network? Make sure that the voice talent you end up picking can see your script inside a tone that suits your marketing goals. While experience can be a key issue, direction of the voice over talent is also very important. Inflection and tone of an delivered promo piece is vital. Obviously the delivery of an major problem like creating noise around a political special interest group will likely be considerably different from a brand new movie promo.

Listening to against each other loud is key, this is where the dictaphone is available in. You'll be surprised at how enchanting/amazing/inspirational something sounds in your head versus the truth. The Dictaphone provides you with an obvious sense of reality - and you'll know status, and best places to improve. Try each script in another way, with assorted inflections.

Take note the truly successful voice-over talents around normally have one distinct style or sound that sets them aside from the rest. You wouldn't hear Don LaFontaine, the "movie guy" (R.I.P.) performing a funeral home spot so you wouldn't hear James Earl Jones carrying out a high-energy, hyped-up Toyota ad. Unless it's for comedy purposes, you typically don't hear female voice talents looking to do male voices or male voice talents attempting to cover female voices. Also, you do not hear young voice actors (again, unless it's comedy) doing older male voices so you really won't hear older male voice talents attempting to sound young. It just doesn't work.

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