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"The Valbusenda hotel has 35 luxurious rooms and suites, wine cellar, restaurant, complete spa, fitness area, outdoor swimming pool, rooms for reunionesy large banquets, sports facilities and paddle tennis."
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The coastal capital of scotland- Barcelona, Spain features a history that stretches over 2,000 years. Hamilcar Barca, the daddy of Hannibal, once walked these identical streets. Barcelona was founded in 230 B.C. throughout the first Punic War. The town occupied a strategic point around the Mediterranean Sea as well as in ancient days the town severed as trading hub which allowed the location to flourish. In modern times it ranks as the second largest Spanish city in Spain with a population over 1.5 million people. Barcelona serves because the capital of Catalonia.

Spain can be found for the western side of Europe and possesses the Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean on its borders. Because of both its geographical location and its rich cultural history it is really an ideal location to visit. They have fine cuisine and a lot of great places to determine. Enjoy sandy beaches with sparking blue water, sweeping arches and columns in older marvels of architecture, and handle off your entire day by playing authentic Spanish music.

We all know that the most critical mountain chain in Spain is the chain from the Pyrenees. What we know less is probably the belief that among these spectacular mountain ridges are a number of well equipped ski trails. The Pyrenees really are a very attractive destination for tourists from all of around the world, and contains very populated resorts. As a first destination, you might choose "Estacion Invernal de Baquiera Beret" which you could enjoy a large amount of winter activities located in "Valle de Aran". If you decide to head to "Pirineo Aragones", additionally, you will find many opportunity to have some fun, starting with the mountain resorts of "Astun", "Candanchu"en Jaca, and continuing with "Formigal" or "Panticosa" in Lerida. These resorts are good destinations in case you wish to practice snowboard because there are also trails for this entertaining sport.

As a matter of fact, probably the most beautiful beaches come in Calablanque. To repeat, there aren't any hotels or bars around the Calablanque beach. Normally, Mediterranean Sea has a strong current, so be careful while for the beach. Be careful with jellyfishes. If you find some jellyfishes about the shore, normally you will find a greater portion of them within the water. There are enough places for aquatic events, shower bath, etc. Covered car parking is also available.

El Penon, Playa de la Charca and La Guardia will be the hottest beaches, attracting tourists using their grey sands along with the possibility for snorkeling. El Penon is a restaurant situated very close to the beach where tourists go for the cheap, but delicious seafood dishes. Another important and popular restaurant is Restaurante Tropical; your home specialty here is steak, served with different forms of sauces.

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