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How Did the NFL Finally Overcome the Popularity of College Football?

American football has been around since the mid-1800’s, and it was a college game in the beginning. If you were learning how to bet on sports in those days, you were taught how to bet on college football and not the pros. The game of football itself was extremely popular, but the early sportsbook agents were much more interested in the college game than the pro game.
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One of the reasons why college football was much more popular than pro football in the early days was because there were so many professional leagues around that the talent level was never very high. The colleges could develop a rapport with local football fans and the best colleges always had the choice of the best athletes for their programs. Since the pro teams needed to generate revenue to survive, they never stayed in one place for very long and that hurt the ability of professional football to take off in the United States.

The NFL was founded in 1922, but it did not have its first playoff game until 1932. Prior to 1932, the team with the best regular season record was awarded the league title. In 1932, the Chicago Bears and Portsmouth Spartans were tied for the league lead at the end of the season. The sports book experts got their chance to see the first ever NFL playoff game and it was extremely popular. With the advances made in television broadcasting and the development of a real playoff structure, the NFL took off and soon rivaled college football in popularity all over the United States.

Some say that the NFL still has not completely eclipsed college football in popularity, while others maintain that the NFL is the most popular sports league in North America. In any case, the NFL has definitely established itself as the premier professional football league in the United States, and it took decades for it to get there.

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