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Olive Oil Soap and Our Family

Olive oil soap is usually associated with tradition. One can expect a story of a rural family that grows olives for generations. Well, we are not. We do use soap and sometimes even olive oil soap, but we don't manufacture it, and we don't sell it. I told you so right at the beginning of the home page.

Nevertheless, I am interested in the olive tree and its products. In my mind, it is always connected with beautiful scenery of mountains, farmers, homeland biblical panoramic view.

You see? I'm not all cynical there is a romantic side in me. Besides, I am a geographer, and the olive tree can take me to far away places around the world, to study and tell you all the secrets.

But I don't travel that much, so I have adopted the policy of the geographer in the story of The Little Prince. Remember? When the little prince arrives at the star of the geographer, he asks him what he was doing. The geographer tells him that he is writing about many places in the universe, but he never goes there. In fact, he never goes anywhere. He is just asking people about places they have seen and writes down their memories. Interesting strategy, right? So this is what I do:

I collect information and edit it all at your service. But, I do travel. Not as much as I would like to, but I've been around in many countries. I have visited nine different countries where people grow olive trees for hundreds of years. Most of the pictures in this site were taken with my poor camera. Anyway, enough talking. If you got this far, you might as well read some other pages about olive oil soap and other related subjects.

For additional excellent data and a whole lot more material follow through: comprar aceite de oliva however I hope that you would love it.

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