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"The Aigaiou Avra studios are a small holiday complex which is consist of two studios (25 s.m each one) and one apartment (50 s.m) and their capacity is 2-3 persons and 4-6 persons respectively."
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Antiparos was originally known as Oliaros and its historical course is mostly connected with Paros, an integral part to the forming of Antiparos.

Oliaros got its new name in the 13th Century A.D. According to myths, Antiparos was one of the 50 sons of Aegyptos, and was murdered by his wife Critomethea, one of the 50 Danaides, along with 48 of his brothers.

The island suffered from pirate attacks from the Byzantine times, down to the 13th Century. In 1537, Antiparos finally fell prey to the Ottomans and the pirate Barbarossa. During his reign, the island was said to have suffered greatly due to the pirate and the Ottomans' raids.

The Antiparos you see now is gained by the efforts of the early Antiparians. By actively participating in the war of independence, the island was officially incorporated into the Greek state in 1832. The island also took active part in resisting the Germans during World War II by serving as a secret base for the Allies.

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